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Daniel Cane, President and CEO, Modernizing Medicine

Last week: Oct. 14 was a meaningful day in the City of Boca Raton, with events that celebrated the city’s past, present and future. Some of the area’s most brilliant technological minds gathered at the Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRIC) to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of IBM Boca Raton. IBM Chairman Thomas J. Watson Jr. dedicated the then-new facility in 1967 and the sleepy retirement town with the already prominent technological history changed forever. Later the Boca Raton’s Mayors Ball honored mayors past and present who have made our great city what it is today.

Looking ahead: Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday and each year Modernizing Medicine hosts a Halloween event for our team and their families. Parents bring their costumed little ones in to trick or treat, and seeing the children grow up each year is a highlight. Events like this really bring together our work family with our real families.

Source: Sun Sentinel
By: Elana Simms on in News