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South Florida 100 Forum – August 28


South Florida’s most influential people weigh in on current events. Read their thoughts on the biggest stories of the week and see what they think will make headlines next week. Click here to read everyone’s thoughts. 

Daniel Cane, President and CEO, Modernizing Medicine

Last week: School started here in Palm Beach County recently, and as the father of three school-age children I’m intrigued by the conversations surrounding gender in schools. It’s a complicated issue that has become quite politicized, and it’s not going to be solved anytime soon. I hope that the stakeholders involved always keep the well-being of the children first and foremost in their minds.

Looking ahead: In my corner of the healthcare world, I feel the evolving story that people should be talking about is around the changes in reimbursement for healthcare providers. This is an issue that will not only affect hospitals, physicians and their staff, but every patient as well. Why? Because all of the changes are making it more difficult for physicians to practice. Some would rather retire than deal with the changes, so that means fewer doctors. And those that continue to practice will have to see more patients, so it may be harder to see a doctor.

Source: Sun Sentinel
By: Staff Report on in News