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Data Services

The Data Services team supports implementation and helps establish communication between EMA and your practice management system (PMS). The following data services are available:

Demographics Interface

  • The demographics interface electronically transfers basic patient demographics to EMA from your PMS
  • This saves your practice time since staff will not have to enter data twice
  • The interface is included with your implementation

EMR Data Conversion and Archiving

  • If you are switching from a different EMR system, you may want to transfer your existing clinical data into EMA
  • Modernizing Medicine’s data archiving service extracts clinical data from your old EMR system and places it into a private, searchable external database
  • You can start using EMA while having immediate access to all of your historical clinical information

Billing Interface

  • Many PMS and billing systems allow charge codes to be imported from EMA
  • A billing interface enables the charge codes to be automatically sent to your billing system when a patient visit is finalized in EMA
  • Real-time solutions are available for several popular systems and custom solutions for additional systems can be discussed

Referral Import

  • EMA allows you to maintain a database of referring providers
  • Data Services can import an existing referral list into EMA

Laboratory Integration

  • EMA communicates orders and results with thousands of pathology laboratories

Other Technical Services

  • Data Services can assist any practice with technology decisions and identify a business partner to assist with practice-wide hardware, monitoring and data backup services