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The big switch: Experts offer guidance on a seamless ICD-10 transition

For 30 years, physicians have been using the same language when classifying diagnoses. In ICD-9, acne diagnoses have always been classified as 706.1. However, that language will change completely with the implementation of the new ICD-10 diagnosis classification system this fall. For an acne diagnosis, physicians will now have to choose from eight codes. “Something like folliculitis, which has one code in ICD-9, now has almost 25 codes in ICD-10,” said Michael Sherling, MD, co-founder and chief medical officer at Modernizing Medicine — creator of EMA, a specialty-specific electronic health record system. “An insect bite, which has one code in ICD-9, has 180 possibilities in ICD-10. Benign nevi — which have maybe nine codes in ICD-9 — now have more than 20 in ICD-10.” Indeed, while ICD-9 has 13,000 codes, ICD-10 will have more than 68,000.

By: Victoria Houghton on in News