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The Future of Connected Healthcare Is So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

I’m delighted to host the first day of the HIMSS15 Blog Carnival. Today’s category is “The Future of the Connected Healthcare System.” Now, I know what many of you are thinking. Chuck is going to figure out how to make this post All About That Workflow. Well, you’re mostly right. In fact, the second thing I did was search for ‘workflow’ across all 30 blog posts. (It occurs 24 times.)

However, the first thing I actually thought, when I saw the word “Connected,” was “Interoperability”.  But “connected” has many more connotations, meanings, and contexts than encoding, sending, and decoding HL7 messages. I was told the theme of “The Future of the Connected Healthcare System” was open-ended and folks could run with it wherever they wanted. You certainly did!  And I was told to look for quality and originality. And I certainly found it!

Read Modernizing Medicine CEO Dan Cane’s submitted HIMSS15 Blog Carnival Connected Health post, plus a six word summary: The Three Pillars of Health IT: Cloud, Mobile and Data (Foundation: Cloud, Implementation: Mobile, Results: Data)


Source: HIMSS
By: Charles Webster, MD on in News