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Three Months to Meaningful Use – is it Possible? Yes!


Dr. Jonathan Weiss and his colleagues at Gwinnett Dermatology weren’t going to settle for just any Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. This seven-provider, 55-employee practice with three locations in Georgia knew that selecting the right EMR system was essential. They were right. And attesting for Meaningful Use in three short months was only one reason that they chose the right one.

Dr. Weiss states: “Our five-physician practice attested for Meaningful Use in 2012. By doing our documentation with EMA Dermatology™, it was easy for us to attain it. The system kept track of the parameters, and it turned out to be a simple process. Any physician who attests for the first time in 2013 can earn a $15,000 rebate from the government.  As long as they learn and follow the guidelines, they should be able to easily obtain it with EMA.”

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Dr. Weiss isn’t alone. Plenty of Modernizing Medicine’s clients have success stories about attesting for Meaningful Use with our Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™). And earlier this year Modernizing Medicine announced that EMA ranked first among specialty specific EMRs for dermatologists successfully attesting for Meaningful Use, based on numbers from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

What’s one reason Modernizing Medicine ranked first on the list? EMA makes it easy for you to become a meaningful user and attest because the majority of the processes are automated and built into the software.

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