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Top EHRs for 8 medical specialties, as ranked by Black Book


Black Book Research released its 2017 EHR rankings for physician specialty practices.

For the report, Black Book asked client users to rank EHRs based on operational excellence in 18 performance areas, which are further subdivided by industry, market, size, geography and software function.

Here are the top vendors for 8 key specialties.


  1. Athenahealth
  2. Epic
  3. Allscripts

Internal Medicine:

  1. NextGen HealthFusion
  2. Practice Fusion
  3. CareCloud


  1. AdvancedMD
  2. Practice Fusion
  3. NextGen HealthFusion

Oncology and hematology:

  1. McKesson iKnowMed
  2. Flatiron
  3. Varian Aria


  1. Modernizing Medicine
  2. MaximEyes First Insight
  3. EyeMD

Orthopedic surgery, hand surgery and spine surgery:

  1. NextGen HealthFusion
  2. HST Pathwys
  3. Modernizing Medicine


  1. Physician’s Computer Company
  2. Connexin Office Practicum
  3. Epic

Urgent care and occupational medicine:

  1. Docutap
  2. Condonix
  3. Practice Velocity

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By: Julie Spitzer on in News