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Understanding MACRA


TODAY’S GUEST Dr. Michael Sherling, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Modernizing Medicine 


Dr. Sherling re-joined us in light the recent updates from CMS to aid our audience in Understanding MACRA.  Specifically, we discuss the following with Dr. Sherling:

  1. (3:30) Will you start by providing a overview of the evolution of MACRA?
  2. (6:52) How will MACRA impact physicians, especially those in specialty medicine?
  3. (9:32) Will you describe the new flexible rollout plan that CMS recently announced for MACRA? What is Modernizing Medicine’s perspective on the MACRA rollout?
  4. (11:21) Do you think that the new CMS rollout plan will help ensure that we don’t have delays like ICD-10?
  5. (12:02) What are some tips that you could provide physicians to better prepare their practice to ensure that the shift to quality reporting will be smooth and successful?
  6. (13:57) You guys have a big event coming up next month called the Momentum Users Conference. What can you tell us about that event?
  7. (15:31) What is next for Modernizing Medicine? What can customers expect new from you as we close out 2016?

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Source: Intrepid Now
By: Joe Lavelle on in News