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Success Stories – Urology

Our clients say it best

Physicians across the country are relying on EMA to turn busy clinical
operations into serious opportunities for improved outcomes.

From faster, touch-screen exam documentation and billing, to patient
information and networked treatment data available virtually anywhere through the cloud, to attesting for Meaningful Use, physicians are testifying to the benefits
of EMA.

  • Dr. Hoofnagle
    I’m able to document not only faster but also more efficiently and my billing turnaround time has decreased.
    I do not have to take charts home to be completed; at the end of the day I’m finished. There isn’t another system that could be easier yet as thorough.
    Dr. Robert Hoofnagle, MD, PA Download the Case Study
    EMA Urology offers a unique solution to the ICD-10 conversion with its automatic coding based on structured data and 3D anatomical atlas. EMA Urology users won’t have to fear a long list of codes and time-consuming and costly inaccuracies. Nadeem Dhanani, MD, MPH, Download the Case Study

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