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Welcome to modmed 5.0

The most innovative healthcare IT software company is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible once again. Introducing modmed 5.0, a huge milestone for both our company and our customers.


We’ve redesigned the experience to provide an interaction that’s even more dynamic and intuitive. And, not to be outdone, we’ve also introduced specialty-specific suites with new products and services that go along with a refreshed look and feel based on user feedback.

Want a sneak peek?

Attention Modernizing Medicine Customers

To prepare you for 5.0, we’ve been sending out emails for training webinars, release notes, rollout schedules and FAQs. Please keep an eye on your inbox for details.

Say Hello to the New Members of the Family

Combined with our award-winning EHR system, EMA™, and other great products and services like Revenue Cycle Management, our new comprehensive suites now offer:


Practice Management

  • A modern all-in-one system for scheduling, document management, billing and reporting designed to help improve practice workflows and boost patient payments. To learn more, click here.

modmed Telehealth™

  • Rather than trying to practice dermatology through text messages and emails, have a richer engagement with your patients and get paid for your time through our telemedicine platform. To learn more, click here.


App Icons Changing

We’ve made a few changes in the app store. Our icons and names are different, but how they function remains the same.

EMA is now modmed Practice™
Pocket EMA is now modmed Pocket Practice™
EMA Sandbox is now modmed Practice Sandbox™
EMA Add-On is now modmed Practice Add-On™
modmed Telehealth™ remains the same

Coming Soon…

We’ve developed so many new options to enhance your practice that we need to redesign our website. So in the coming weeks, you’ll see a fresh look accompanied by new, more intuitive ways to navigate the site. Stay tuned!

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