Dr. Amy Witt Stays Engaged with Patients by Offering modmed® Telehealth During the COVID Pandemic

Dr. Amy Witt utilizes telehealth video visits to stay engaged with patients. For more information, visit modmed.com/telehealth


Here is a full transcription of the video:


We’ve had a great experience using the modmed Telehealth during the COVID crisis. I think one of the things about our practice that I really pride myself in is connecting to patients, you know, and having a visit that really does take time. I like that this is still just about the provider and the patient. It really is like a very personal visit more than I think people realize, more than maybe even I realize, because it’s like you’re having a personal chitchat in your living room with the patient. There’s not a waiting room of people outside, and so there’s less feeling of being rushed. And it’s just a very conducive environment for a good patient-physician or physician-extender interaction.

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