Dr. Amy Witt Provides Personalized Care with modmed® Telehealth

Dr. Amy Witt shares how telemedicine benefits her practice and her patients during the COVID-19 crisis. To learn more, visit modmed.com/telehealth

Here is a full transcription of the video:

So when we first started using telehealth, we did probably ninety five percent of our patient cases were Accutane patients. With the COVID crisis, I think in general it’s all of our focused visits. So that could mean acne, psoriasis, eczema. Those are very visual, rashes. So it’s very easy and conducive to seeing how bad they are, assessing what medicine they really need.

I would say probably at least a few patients a day come in with a seborrheic keratosis. That’s just a benign growth. But it’s dark. It’s got weird borders that, you know, it freaks people out. So even though I don’t want my dermatoscope scope, I can at least see that. Oh, yeah, there’s several all around. They all look similar.

And then between that and the history, it’s typically very clear. And then it gives people a great deal of peace, of mind. It makes a huge difference getting to see patients in front of you and and really talk to them on the same level, eye-to-eye, and be there for them during a scary time.

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