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Documenting an Eye Exam in Our Ophthalmology EHR, EMA™

Watch as Dr. Michael B. Rivers shows how you can efficiently document an eye exam in our ophthalmology EHR system, EMA. To learn more visit,

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Hi! I’m Dr. Michael Rivers, Director of EMA Ophthalmology at Modernizing Medicine. Today, I will show you how quickly you can document an eye exam in our ophthalmology EHR system, EMA. In the exam, I can pinch and zoom on any diagram and it’s set up for ICD-10 specificity. You’ll see if I hold my finger down, it highlights where I am.

I’m going to start by opening up my exam. You can pull forward exams, findings, impressions, plans and drawings. This is what your exam will look like. You can document your findings in the areas down below. I’m going to put my findings here for the lens, document a right cataract and a left eye as pseudophakic. We’ll go to the discs, put in 5.5 in the right, copy it to the left with one touch and we’re finished. As you can see our ophthalmology EMR, EMA, can help you streamline workflow and enhance patient care.

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