Dr. Renee Walker Saves Time With the Otolaryngology EMR, EMA™

Dr. Renee Walker shares how the easy-to-use EMR software for otolaryngology, EMA, helped her save time and improved her quality of life. See her video testimonial. Learn more at modmed.com/ent

Here is a full transcription of the video:

I’m Dr. Renee Walker. I’m a pediatric ENT that actually practices General ENT. My name is Tracy Carpenter. I’m the practice administrator for Joplin Ear Nose and Throat.

Since using EMA I’ve now regained my evenings back with my 14 year old daughter. That’s basically what’s happened. Because I would come home from an office day that I would dread with all my might the night before, because I would know I would have 30 charts, 40 charts to sit and dictate.

When I came in, I’m like “what are you doing?” I think seeing that demonstration of Modernizing Medicine she realized how much easier it could be. I would never believe that an EMR would have improved my life or expedited patient care like it has in the office.

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