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Transitioning to a new ophthalmology EHR system

Practicing retina specialist, Dr. John Thompson shares his positive experience in deciding to switch to the ophthalmology EMR from Modernizing Medicine. For more information, visit modmed.com/ophthalmology

Here is a full transcription of the video:

I’m Doctor John Thompson and I am a practicing retina specialist. I’m previously president of The American Society of Retinal Specialists, and I’m also a member of American Academy of Ophthalmology. Well I think it was as painless as it can be and having transitioned a couple of times from a homegrown EHR to another EHR finally to EMA. It is a painful process no matter what, and nobody should underestimate the amount of work that’s required in that. But I believe that Modernizing Medicine made this relatively easy. We had an excellent trainer that came on site, who did a wonderful job of getting our staff up to speed and we found in implementing it in our practice that I had a reduced schedule for only a couple of days, when we went live from the old EHR to the new EHR. I was back to my usual patient volume within a week. But that was very important for me because I have a very busy practice and I can’t slow down for a month or two to implement a new system.

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