Enhance the Patient Experience With All-In-One Orthopedic Software

Enhance the Patient Experience With All-In-One Orthopedic Software

Modern Orthopaedics of New Jersey Enhances the Patient Experience With All-In-One Orthopedic Software. For more information visit modmed.com/ortho

Here is a full transcription of the video:

It’s about time for the healthcare industry to absolutely step it up and be there for the patient experience. It’s the quality of care that we can give to our patients and it’s about what they can then receive. And ModMed allows us to give that quality of care to our patients because my doctors don’t have to worry about continually looking things up, and looking up codes, and writing out prescriptions and making sure that the front desk is doing what they need to do.

They can just literally go into EMA, they can type it up and it prints right out at the front desk. So not only are the employees more happy because they’re able to just, one, two, three, give the patient what they need, but it also really helps the patient see that, hey, this practice knows what they’re doing.

And I think that when you have a nice system and a nice flow, which is what Modernizing Medicine has provided for us, then the whole quality of care and patient experience is absolutely outstanding. And that is one huge thing that we love about it.

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