Gastroenterology Ambulatory Surgery Center Solutions

Gastroenterology Ambulatory Surgery Center Solutions

Discover gastroenterology ASC software solutions that support better communication, reduce duplicate data entry and manual processes, creating a better experience for everyone involved. For more information, visit

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Duplicate data entry. Multiple logins. Staff communication issues. Does this sound like what’s happening at your gastroenterology ASC? Then it’s about time you had some synergy in your surgery center. Introducing ModMed ASC. A GI-specific suite of cloud-based solutions designed just for your surgery center.

This suite begins with gGastro ERW, our endoscopy report writer, which helps you document a procedure in minutes, record quality measures automatically and generate reports with a few clicks. It also uses common fields to reduce data entry. For instance, if you enter medication on the pre-procedure note, the information also populates in the medication field on the anesthesia note—in real time.

gGastro ERW can be interfaced to pull in data from compatible vital signs monitors and imaging equipment. From here, images can be annotated right in the procedure note, while HD video images save to the desktop.

gGastro ERW, practice management, patient reminders, out-of-pocket patient cost estimators, analytics, revenue cycle management — it’s all part of gGastro ASC. All designed to help you do what you do best, and create a better experience for your patients, and your staff. Experience our ASC solutions today.

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