Intelligent Inventory Management

See how our intelligent inventory management system works with our EHR system, EMA, and Practice Management software. For more information visit

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Hi! My name is Shani Sayag and I’m a Sales Solutions Specialist here at Modernizing Medicine. Today, I’m going to demonstrate how our integrated inventory management system works with our EHR system, EMA®, and Practice Management software. Using inventory management can help you improve efficiencies and business operations while helping to elevate the patient experience. You’ll benefit from streamlined point of sale and dispensing, comprehensive inventory tracking, deeper insights with Analytics.

Let’s begin our demo in the firm admin section. This is where your administrator can manage and customize your practice’s inventory by setting up products and adding stock. During this process, you can add both manufactures and cabinets. You’ll see that a list of common manufacturers and system products are already built in which can help save you valuable time. Since Inventory Management integrates with our EHR and PM systems, products will link directly to plans that can be used during the documentation process. We’ll dive into this a bit later.

Plus, the automatic yellow and red indicators will help show low and critical stock levels in addition to expiring inventory – helping you serve your patients better and improve business operations. Stock can be easily added, removed or transferred to different cabinets or locations from the inventory tab. Including a snapshot of the product, stock details, and all of its transaction history!

Let’s move on to documenting a visit where you will see how the inventory automatically decrements in the process. I’ll show you how you can easily document inventory either during or outside of a patient visit. To start, we’ll document a cosmetic toxin visit which you will see the inventory tab within the plan. Here you will enter the number of units for each location and select where the vials came from, such as the nurse’s refrigerator. Our EHR system, EMA, will automatically know the number of units to deduct as well as the lot number and expiration date of the vial based on the stock.

All of this information will reflect in the visit note. Now, let’s also recommend a product for the patient’s acne. With any diagnosis, you have full access to the inventory’s stand-alone plans and can document this information. If the patient walks in to purchase products outside of a visit, you can choose products and cabinets here. Then, when ready you can post charges and process payment all within the same platform. Using the analytics provided, you’ll be able to gain deeper insights into your current stock with reports such as sales by provider, staff and customizable transaction reports.

I invite you to discover how Inventory Management can help you better track, measure and analyze products sold. Visit for more information or to request a personalized demo.

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