Joplin ENT Benefits From an All-In-One ENT EHR Software

Joplin ENT Benefits From an All-In-One ENT EHR Software

Learn how Joplin ENT saves time and sees patients more efficiently by switching to an all-in-one ENT software solution. Learn more at

Here is a full transcription of the video:

I’m Dr. Renee Walker. I’m a pediatric ENT that actually practices General ENT. My name is Tracy Carpenter. I’m the practice administrator for Joplin Ear Nose and Throat.

We implemented both EMA and Practice Management at the same time. When I came to Joplin Ear Nose and Throat, they were doing a hybrid paper charts, a different Practice Management system, and an electronic health medical record. I had any EHR system that was taking more time than charts what I was end up doing was getting my face sheet from my paperless record and then writing everything down, going home, dictating it for three hours into the charts. And that made me just absolutely hate the electronic world.

She did not want to let go of paper. She wrestled with that idea for a long time. And after I think seeing that demonstration of Modernizing Medicine she realized how much easier it could be. I walked in and in 10 minutes at the academy meeting, I walked out and went “oh that’s it.” Came home and said “I got it. We’ve got it.” And now I won’t go back. She’s actually seeing the same amount of patients but a lot more efficiently.

I can walk out the door and have a life and not go home and dread it and have my 14 year old “mom when going to fix dinner. Mom I want to go to volleyball.” I got charts to do. I have to find somebody else to take care of my child. But not anymore. So that’s great. Since implementing EMA I have gotten my evenings back.

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