Woolfson Eye Institute’s Ophthalmology EHR Makes ePrescribing Easy

Woolfson Eye Institute’s Ophthalmology EHR Makes ePrescribing Easy

Woolfson Eye Institute ePrescribes in seconds with Ophthalmology EHR. For more information, visit modmed.com/ophth

Here is a full transcription of the video:

One of the things that frustrated me the most with the previous EMR system was ePrescribing. We actually had to leave the EMR encounter and go to a separate Web page, which wasn’t always reliable and would pop up with different pre-formatted information every time you went to it.

With EMA, we have a fully integrated ePrescribing system within the iPad. We don’t have to leave the program to get to our favorite drugs, to get to our pharmacies, to adjust the prescription. That’s very sticky, which means that information used before goes in the next time you use it and helps to reduce how many clicks or taps that you want to use. And again, these are taps, these are live fields. You use your finger. You don’t need to use a mouse and a keyboard, so you can keep going very quickly. You’re able to select a pharmacy directly from the ePrescribing application and you get confirmation that it was sent right on the encounter note.

For pre-op surgery, you might have several different drops that are prescribed for each eye. We can go ahead and put those eyedrops in a protocol and send all of them simultaneously, and that’s included in the encounter. They can be sent right away, or they can be sent later when the patient actually signs up for surgery. That saves them a lot of time and effort, and the consistency of those prescriptions is better for our interaction with the pharmacy.

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