Woolfson Eye Institute Switches to modmed® Ophthalmology

Woolfson Eye Institute Switches to modmed® Ophthalmology

Learn how one ophthalmology practice switched to all-in-one ophthalmology software. For more information, visit modmed.com/ophth

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Hi I’m Byron Cook. I’m a cornea specialist in Atlanta, Georgia, with Woolfson Eye Institute. We’ve been using electronic medical records at the practice for about five years, but there has also been a significant use of paper charts. What we were finding was that there were some issues with the EMR we were using. And that, at this point, has kind of led us to our switch to Modernizing Medicine.

We really wanted something that was going to utilize all the modern advances that we use in our daily lives. The switch to EMA has been great. I really like the portability of the iPad, moving from room to room and being able to carry an iPad with me instead of having to log into a desktop has made a huge difference in my ability to engage with the patient.

Also in the operating room, I like having the iPad with me. I can take a picture of some of the pertinent details, so I can save them for later. If for some reason I have to go back and dictate a note after hours, or if I just want to make sure that I have a saved copy of the OP report or the IOL sticker, that stuff is permanently attached to the patient’s file with just a click of the camera. And I can put a lot of details in the notes of those pictures. So just being able to do everything from the iPad in the clinical situations is phenomenal.

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