Favorite Ophthalmology Software Features From Dr. Sarah Baroody

Favorite Ophthalmology Software Features From Dr. Sarah Baroody

Ophthalmologist Dr. Sarah Baroody, who specializes in cataract surgery, shares some of her favorite features in the ophthalmology EHR system, EMA. Hear how Eye Care of Danbury has experienced increased revenue with Practice Management. To learn more, visit modmed.com/ophthalmology/.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

My name is Sarah Baroody and I’m from Danbury, Connecticut. I practice as a solo, comprehensive ophthalmologist. Before the ophthalmology EHR, EMA, I was just using paper charts. But when I saw EMA and I saw all the new modern features, I was really drawn in and I knew that it was right for me.

For example, having cloud-based software was really important to me, because then I knew that my office was mobile, and I could access my charts from anywhere. I really took to the virtual exam room and how intuitive it was. Choosing a diagnosis, easily touching the things that I wanted to document instead of typing, and being able to draw just like I could draw on a paper chart. Those were the things that I really enjoy.

Meaningful Use was obviously a big driving force for why I got an ophthalmology electronic health record in the first place. EMA actually does a great job to help ensure that all my measures are met and they have a great support team as well. I do take advantage of the extra feature that Modernizing Medicine offers in order to gather and submit my PQRS data for me. For the past three years, I’ve succeeded with Meaningful Use with no problems, and I’ve got some reassurance that MIPS will translate quite easily, and I’ll be able to gather all the data just like I’ve been doing.

What I like most about having ophthalmology Practice Management through Modernizing Medicine is that everything is seamless. The appointments connect to the visits which connect to the ophthalmology billing. From my iPad, I can see the appointments and I can see the schedule of all the people who are checked in. Having all that at my fingertips has made us very happy.

During the check-in process, we are more thorough with our intake. We have the ability to update the insurance more accurately. We are able to see all the eligibility specifics including the correct co-pay, which translates to getting paid easier and faster. The other benefit is on check-out. I’m able to document in the exam room when I’d like to see the patient again. And by the time they walk up to the desk, the staff knows exactly what type of appointment to make and when.

I’ve definitely seen a revenue increase with Practice Management. I am able to see more patients in a day. But for another reason, some charges that used to be missed in the past don’t get missed any more. The bills go out in a timely fashion, and insurances are paying us more rapidly. I also love the fact that if I have my laptop with me, I have my entire office. I can just log in, and I can see scheduling, appointments, medical visits, ophthalmology billing, financials, analytics. It’s been a fantastic product overall.

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