Assessing Your Ophthalmology Software Options: modmed® Ophthalmology

Assessing Your Ophthalmology Software Options: modmed® Ophthalmology

All ophthalmology software options are not created equal. See how modmed Ophthalmology helps modern practices innovate and improve efficiencies throughout the patient journey. For more information, visit

Here is a full transcription of the video:

From the first moment you log in to our software, you can tell something is different. Your exam room is, in an instant, both real and virtual. Just pick up your iPad and Apple pencil, and you’re ready to document the visit. Draw or dictate, tap and compare. Could anything be this intuitive? And that’s when you realize you’re working with software built by ophthalmologists, for ophthalmologists.

This is modmed Ophthalmology, a unified suite of both software and services that feels like second nature. It’s an all-in-one solution that brings your data together, creating powerful connections between the clinical, operational and financial aspects of your practice. All of your patient information is in one system. That means less clicking and tapping and more time with patients.

Curious about how our suite might work in your own ophthalmology practice? Let’s explore how modmed Ophthalmology helps to set your practice up for success. Even before the patient steps through your door, modmed Ophthalmology empowers them with virtual tools to help them take control of their own healthcare. We don’t just help save practices time, we help save patients time, too.

Meanwhile, at your practice, appointments are scheduled, insurance is automatically verified, copays are estimated — even collected. Intelligent automation is becoming your front office staff’s new best friend…and your patients’, too.  This seamless experience continues into the exam room. After checking a few quick boxes, your doctors are ready to intuitively tap, draw and dictate their way through the documentation process.

How did we make it so intuitive? Our on-staff ophthalmologists – like Dr. Goldman here – coded the software. That’s right – we’ve enlisted your peers to pre-program our EHR system, EMA, with all kinds of subspecialty specific protocols and workflows. We even have software for your ASC. And our image management system? No one but an ophthalmologist could help us build something like that.

Doctors can snap a photo with their iPad, upload images from compatible capture devices, and annotate from their iPad touchscreen or right from their computer. After the appointment it’s all about making sure you get reimbursed for your services. That’s why we help to streamline the claims process, giving your patient multiple payment options, and putting a team of revenue cycle specialists on your side.

And our innovative Premium Analytics Platform delivers your data back to you in customizable dashboards and reports, so you can make informed decisions about patient care – and your business. Speaking of informed decisions, today, over 2,000 practices and 6,000 providers have made the decision to use EMA. And every one of these practices experiences our unique customer support experience.

That support starts from the very beginning. We listen and adjust before we implement and go-live, and we are committed to putting our clients on the path to success. That commitment continues through our on-going support, advisory services and training resources. And while our company has won many awards for both our user experience, software and customer support, the accolades we appreciate the most come directly from our clients.

modmed Ophthalmology is an all-in-one solution for your practice, bringing together amplified innovation, automated intelligence and dynamic client experience. Make the switch today. Visit to get more information and request a personal demo.

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