Augusta Eye MD Uses Analytics from Modernizing Medicine® to Visualize and Benchmark Clinical Data

Augusta Eye MD Uses Analytics from Modernizing Medicine® to Visualize and Benchmark Clinical Data

One ophthalmology practice shares how they use data analytics to optimize efficiency and streamline workflows. For more information, visit

 Here is a full transcription of the video:

Hello, everyone. I’m here with our 2020 MIA award winners, Dr. Jared Staats and Geoffrey Marks from Augusta Eye, M.D.. Congratulations on winning our highly coveted Momentum Innovation Award. You have the attention of thousands of modmed users right now. They’re watching and they’d love to know what are your pearls of wisdom that you could share to where they can optimize their practice? First things first, data is the future. The ability to create metrics not only for your employees, but also your patients and everything in between is going to be more and more necessary.

So pearls of wisdom, I would say utilize everything we can in terms of data. The technology we have access to today with modmed, but also the further step, which is forecasting, data modeling, projection and Analytics. All of that. To Geoffrey’s point, there is a huge emphasis now on being a clean, efficient machine. The inverse of that is in our clinic, we are on a day to day basis taking care of individuals’ vision, and sight and potentially lives depending on their conditions.

And so while we need to be clean, mean, directed, efficient, we can’t let those external pressures distract from our primary goal and our primary mission in terms of taking care of our patients. After hours, between patients, during lunch breaks, what modmed allows us to do is, is modmed allows us to streamline our conversations to direct pressure points that are affecting our clinic and making sure that we can leverage the data that we derive in order to find quick answers, so that it doesn’t abbreviate my patient’s experience and my patients can still ask me the questions they need to ask. I can still make sure they’re taking their medication appropriately and that their follow ups are well understood and they know when to contact clinical, and when not to. modmed, especially the data side of modmed, it is something that is a toybox. And so my pearl would be to figure out what the metrics are you want to track are, talk to your representative in terms of seeing how to build that infrastructure and get your hands dirty. Thank you for all your help you do and helping us build the practice that we want to have.

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