Streamlining X-Ray Imaging: Ambra Cloud PACS Interface in EMA®

Streamlining X-Ray Imaging: Ambra Cloud PACS Interface in EMA®

Learn how our orthopedic EHR system, EMA, interfaces with the Ambra Health Cloud PACS, allowing you to directly connect to your patient images from almost any web-enabled PC, Mac or tablet providing direct connectivity and helping to streamline your orthopedic practice. 

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Hi! I’m Doctor Elana Oberstein and I’m the Senior Medical Director of Musculoskeletal at Modernizing Medicine.

Imaging is an essential component of orthopedic treatment, and today I am going to show you how our orthopedic EHR, EMA, interfaces with Ambra Health’s cloud-based PACS. This two-way interface allows you to directly connect to your images, which can help speed up the turnaround time on imaging studies and streamline your office workflow.

Here, I have a patient with the impression of knee pain. Under popular plans, I have selected “Order Plain X-ray and Interpretation,” to create a new order for an x-ray of the right knee. To direct the order to be sent to the imaging department at my practice through the Ambra PACS, I select Ambra in the “Perform At” field on the order details tab. I can also elect to have the order sent automatically when I save the visit note. On the following tabs I can provide additional details for the body location, imaging views and billing information.

When I save the visit note, the order for the x-ray of the right knee is automatically sent to your imaging department via the Ambra PACS, streamlining your office workflow.

When the image study is completed, the result is electronically sent back to EMA, and can be found in the “Radiology & Other” log. When I open the result, there is a link to view the image study, as well as a PDF of any interpretation notes. On the “Associated Details” tab I can see which visit this image study is linked to in our orthopedic EHR, EMA.

When I click the “View Study” link, a browser window opens directly to the x-ray images in the Ambra PACS web viewer. This allows you to access imaging studies from your web-enabled PC, MAC or tablet.

After I have reviewed the x-ray images, I can electronically sign the result note. I can also opt to have the image interpretation notes posted to the Patient Portal, helping to improve patient communication.

The image study link is automatically added to the patient’s chart, centralizing patient data within EMA and helping eliminate the need to store images on CDs or films.

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