Uncover Clinical Insights with Orthopedics Analytics Dashboards

Learn how Modernizing Medicine’s orthopedic analytics dashboards can be used to explore and visualize your practice’s clinical data to help uncover opportunities to improve the efficiency and performance of your orthopedic practice. To learn more, visit modmed.com/analytics

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Hi!  I’m Dr. Elana Oberstein, senior medical director of Musculoskeletal at Modernizing Medicine. Today, I’m going to demonstrate how our analytics dashboards can be used to visualize your orthopedic practice’s data. This can help uncover opportunities to improve the efficiency and performance of your orthopedic practice.

This dashboard displays aggregate patient data and drills down into specific diagnoses. Here, I can see what procedures were performed, what kinds of imaging or tests were ordered and what medications were prescribed for a particular diagnosis. This can be used to help you better understand the different treatment algorithms in your practice.

On this clinical dashboard, you can dive further into your prescribed pain medication information to help keep track of opioid pain prescriptions. You can see the morphine milligram equivalents prescribed in your practice and filter by provider, by day and by patient. With this report you can trend pain medications prescriptions over time, helping you monitor high risk patients and combat opioid abuse.  

This chart shows reported pain scales for a particular diagnosis. For example, if you filter to shoulder pain, you can isolate a specific chief complaint and see the reported pain scales by the date of the visit. This report allows you to evaluate, down to the patient level, if the reported pain is or is not improving over time. 

You can take a closer look at all of the medications prescribed at your practice and which physicians are prescribing them. You can even drill down into a particular diagnosis to see how often different medications are being prescribed. This allows you to evaluate prescribing patterns and to help identify opportunities for possible alternative treatment options.

These are just some of the orthopedic analytics reports offered as part of our Premium Analytics platform. 

To learn more about Modernizing Medicine’s data analytics solutions, visit modmed.com/analytics

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