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Documenting With a Smarter Orthopedic EHR

Modernizing Medicine’s all-in-one orthopedic platform starts optimizing itself the moment you start using it. No templates to create. No complex customization. Just optimal efficiency and improved outcomes for your entire practice. But that’s not all. To learn more, visit

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Hi! I’m Dr. Jason Weisstein and I’m a practicing orthopedic surgeon and medical director of orthopedics for Modernizing Medicine. We want to make sure that you have the tools at your fingertips to make your job of documentation easier. In the tile view, you’re able to quickly see bullet points of information as well as numbers telling us how we’re getting to the billing level. The other option for how we might like to view this data is simply toggling over this running note view which gives you access to your note so you can more easily access and add documentation as needed. If I wanted to, I could simply jump back into my complaint here and dictate a few sentences to customize my patient encounter. “I may dictate notes as I see fit. Period.”

In addition to the benefit of the structured data, EMA is calculating everything for billing in the background. So all of the HPI components which were previously tracked by my MA are accounted for. The ability to free text your exam is another benefit that our orthopedic surgeons really love by simply tapping on this free text link. I am able to dictate my entire exam here. And then by selecting my filters I can say I’m doing a lower extremity exam with a general appearance, orientation and mood if this was a new patient. Now all my structured elements are captured from my E/M level.

As you can see here in the upper right hand corner EMA has captured my E/M level. And if I felt my visit warranted a different level I could simply tap on that  indicator and it would tell me what I am lacking to calculate the next level.

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