Receive Therapy Notes with the WebPT Physical Therapy Interface

Receive Therapy Notes with the WebPT Physical Therapy Interface

Learn how you can electronically receive physical therapy notes into our orthopedic EHR system, EMA, through an interface with the leading physical therapy software, WebPT. This interfaces allows you to share patient information with the patient’s orthopedic team throughout the episode of care. To learn more visit


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Hi! I’m Dr. Elana Oberstein and I’m the Senior Medical Director of Musculoskeletal at Modernizing Medicine.

When a physical therapy treatment has been completed, the physical therapy team can send therapy notes and results back to the orthopedic team electronically, eliminating the need to manually fax paperwork back and forth.

Physical therapy notes can be found in the Radiology & Other Log under the “More” tab in the menu bar at the top. When I open the incoming physical therapy note, you can see the PDF of the full WebPT note sent from the physical therapy team, as well as the associated details automatically linking the PT note back to the visit and order in EMA.

From here, I can electronically Sign and Complete the note, acknowledging that I have received and reviewed the report. I can also opt to have this note posted to the Patient Portal.

This therapy note is automatically added to the patient’s chart, which helps enhance documentation accuracy by eliminating the potential error of attaching a physical therapy report to the wrong patient’s chart.

Additionally, When the physical therapist finalizes the therapy visit note, the therapy charges including CPT codes are automatically transferred into your Modernizing Medicine Practice Management system to help streamline your billing process.

The interface between our EHR system and the WebPT EMR allows you to streamline communication between your orthopedic and rehab teams. It eliminates the need to manually create and fax orders and results between the orthopedic and physical therapy teams. This combination helps to improve overall office efficiencies and save staff time and resources.

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