Send Therapy Orders with the WebPT Physical Therapy Interface

Send Therapy Orders with the WebPT Physical Therapy Interface

Learn how you can electronically send physical therapy orders from our orthopedic EHR system, EMA, through an interface with the leading physical therapy software, WebPT. This interfaces allows you to share patient information with the patient’s orthopedic team throughout the episode of care. To learn more visit


Here is a full transcription of the video:


Hi! I’m Dr. Elana Oberstein and I’m the Senior Medical Director of Musculoskeletal at Modernizing Medicine. An essential component of orthopedic treatment is physical therapy. Today, I’m going to demonstrate how our orthopedic EHR system, EMA, interfaces with the leading rehab therapy software, WebPT. This two-way interface allows you to share patient information between the orthopedic team and in-house rehab therapy group, streamlining communication and staff resources in your orthopedic practice. Let’s get started.

Here, I have a patient with the impression of knee pain. Under popular plans, I have selected PT Rx to create a new order for physical therapy. To direct the order to send to your WebPT-enabled physical therapy team, select WebPT in the “Perform at” field on the order details tab. Under the Billing Items tab, I can specify if physical therapy sessions will be billed to the patient, to the orthopedic office, or to the patient’s insurance provider. For this patient, I have Third-Party Bill selected indicating the physical therapy will be billed to the patient’s insurance provider.

On the body atlas, I tap the area of the body in which to focus the physical therapy treatment, in this case, the left knee. This automatically opens the physical therapy plan details. This is where you can document relevant notes for the physical therapy team such as surgery notes, treatment goals, frequency of therapy sessions and duration of therapy treatment.

Once I save the Visit Note, the physical therapy order is generated and can be found in the Orders Log, which is accessed by tapping on the “More” tab in the menu bar at the top.

When I open the order, I can see the patient details and that I have directed the therapy to be performed at my pre-specified WebPT physical therapy location. If your orthopedic practice has more than one WebPT physical therapy location, you can specify which location to send to in the Therapy field. In this case, I would like to direct the physical therapy order to the WebPT Central location.

Here I can also review all of the therapy treatment plan notes documented during the exam before I send off the order. To electronically send the order to the physical therapy team’s WebPT EMR system, I simply click the Select Action dropdown and select Send Order.

The interface between our EHR system and the WebPT EMR allows you to streamline communication between your orthopedic and rehab teams. To learn more about the EMA and WebPT interface, request a demo at

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