Ortho Practice Decreases No-Shows with Appointment Reminders

Ortho Practice Decreases No-Shows with Appointment Reminders

Modern Orthopaedics of New Jersey Saves Time and Decreases No-Show Rates with Patient Appointment Reminders. For more information visit modmed.com/ortho

Here is a full transcription of the video:

I absolutely love the Reminders feature in ModMed. It allows patients to get text messages, to get phone call reminders, to get email alerts, letting them know when their appointment is. And my staff doesn’t have to sit there on the phone and call and wait to leave a voice message, or call again. It allows us to see that they’ve confirmed their appointment right on the schedule.

It has also allowed us to definitely decrease our no-show amounts and also our rescheduling amounts. Having that tool built in just really helps us all together to make sure that our patients end up showing up for their appointments and get the best care.

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