Preparing Patients for Telehealth Visits With Their Dermatologist

Preparing Patients for Telehealth Visits With Their Dermatologist

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Hello! I’m here to show you how your patients can use the PocketPatient app to have telehealth visits with their dermatologist. PocketPatient uses our modmed Telehealth technology to help patients and doctors stay connected. Let’s get started. Before the visit, encourage the patient to find a comfortable space to have their visit. They should look for a private location in their home, with lots of good lighting, where it’s easy to get a solid WiFi or data connection with their phone. Tell them to grab a ruler with millimeters. They’ll need this to help their dermatologist measure any rashes, moles or other lesions.

Have the patient ask a friend or family member to attend the visit with them, especially if it’s difficult to video the area that needs examining. Recommend that your patient wear a robe or loose-fitting clothing to their visit. This will help them feel more comfortable and make it easier for the dermatologist to do the exam. If the idea of having a virtual exam makes your patient feel anxious or uncomfortable, talk to them about their concerns. You may need to make other arrangements.

Okay, now, back to your visit. When the dermatologist is ready, they’ll start the telehealth visit, and the patient will receive a text message. The patient will then select the link within the message, and be taken to the PocketPatient app. The patient will enter their last name and date of birth, and press the button to log in. Then, they will select join video visit to meet with their dermatologist. If the patient experiences any technical issues, they will need to contact your office for support.

During the visit, the patient has the option to turn on their flashlight and use their back-facing camera tor the highest video resolution. This will give the dermatologist a better view during the visit. To examine the patient’s arms, have the patient hold the phone so the back camera is facing the skin. Tell them to keep the camera about five inches away, and shine the flashlight on any rashes or lesions. Make sure their camera is centered, and tell them to move their phone slowly for the best view. If necessary, remind them that the camera is located in the upper right hand corner of most phones.

To examine the patient’s chest, have them move the phone about a foot away from their body and remind them to move the camera slowly. For conditions at the bottom of the patient’s feet, have the patient to cross their legs and keep the camera five inches away from their skin. For areas that are harder to reach, your patient may want to ask a friend or family member to hold the phone. Sometimes it may be easier for the patient to sit or lie down, so their trusty assistant can video the appropriate areas while maintaining that five-inch distance with the phone. If the patient is on their own for this exam, encourage them to prop up their phone on a desk or chair, and stand a foot away.

Once the exam is complete, you may wish to discuss any treatment options and next steps with your patient. And, before you complete the visit, encourage the patient to check their patient portal afterwards. That’s where they can find more details about their visit, download any educational materials, and, if your practice has modmed Pay, they can even pay their bill. And just like that, you’ve completed your telehealth visit. See you again next time. For more information, visit

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