A Demo of Modernizing Medicine’s Retina Image Management System

A Demo of Modernizing Medicine’s Retina Image Management System

Video with overview of retinal image management with easy diagnostic images access from within patient EHR chart and documentation of findings. To learn more, visit modmed.com/ophthalmology

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Hi, my name is Dr. Michael Rivers Director of EMA Ophthalmology with Modernizing Medicine and I’d like to introduce our new Image Management system by giving you a short demonstration. Today, I’ll be showing you just how easy it is to open and review images while documenting the findings for a patient with macular degeneration using EMA, our ophthalmology specific EHR. Let’s begin from within the patient’s chart in EMA. From here, I’ll enter the Exam room where I’ve already documented that this patient has macular degeneration. Now, I want to open, review and document the OCT findings. I do so by clicking on “Imaging” to open the Image Management System. This gives me access to the patient’s images. I can easily review the images imported minutes earlier from the connected diagnostic equipment, or stored from previous visits, including different exams. I can also compare the clinical evolution to confirm or adjust my diagnosis and course of treatment. For example, to review the OCT, I just touch or click on one image and I can easily scroll through the OCT slices and sync images to compare side by side. To wrap up, I can quickly go back and document my findings, showing that there is edema in the right eye. Interested in seeing more? Schedule a demo session today and see how our image management system can help your Retina Practice.

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