Successful EMR Implementation With All-In-One Orthopedic Software

Successful EMR Implementation With All-In-One Orthopedic Software

Modern Orthopaedics of New Jersey Successfully Completes EMR Implementation and Reaps the Benefits. For more information visit

Here is a full transcription of the video:

I think what stood out with Modernizing Medicine compared to other systems that I had demoed was first and foremost, their sales team. I felt super comfortable, almost like it was a family environment. And seeing how much ModMed had to offer in the clinical aspect of making our doctors be able to finish their notes on time, and then also the front desk portion of it, as well the practice management part, it just streamlined so many processes for us.

When it was time for implementation, we were assigned an account manager who literally took everything from one side of the spectrum to another. She gave me the whole rundown on, “okay this week we’re going to concentrate on this.”

The type of training that we had was virtual for a couple of days before we went live. Then we also had, which was an absolutely amazing experience, those trainers come in and they were on site with us for our go-live days, for the first three days. They just made our whole process so easy and streamlined, and they were there to answer all of our questions.

They really did make the implementation very easy and very upbeat and positive for me. My doctors have now been live since August 1st and they are finishing their notes on time. I’m incredibly proud of them because that was not the norm.

It’s so nice for my staff because now all those authorizations that we need to get and signed reports, and all of that, can just be done and we don’t need to have the doctors for them. We are super excited that we switched to ModMed and couldn’t be happier.

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