Why Switch to All-In-One ENT Software

Why Switch to All-In-One ENT Software

Boulder Valley ENT Switches to All-In-One ENT Software. For more information, visit modmed.com/otolaryngology

My name is Jessica Lovato and I’m with Boulder Valley ENT in Boulder, Colorado. We offer services for audiology. We have an allergy line of services as well as facial plastics. We were with our previous EHR for over 10 years. We actually used multiple different systems for our different departments. So one of the reasons why we were looking to make a switch to ModMed, or to a new EHR system, was to streamline some of the processes and workflows that we had and also some of the reporting.

We looked at about five other systems. And one of the reasons why we decided to go with ModMed is because we just felt like it was the most user-friendly system out of all of the ones we were looking at, as well as the efficiency for the reporting and also the customization. So being able to customize things like selling of hearing aids and products was super important for us, and that was something that ModMed was going to be able to provide. There weren’t a whole lot of clicks that you would have to go through to get to things that you needed.

The sales process with ModMed was something that also was one of the reasons why we decided to to go with ModMed, and that’s because Rob Stretch and his team did an amazing job of really listening to some of the issues that we had going on in the practice and kind of what we were looking for in a new system. And I could tell that they were very intent on making sure that they were providing feedback and answering the questions that we had, and providing that information that we needed in order for us to make a decision.

You don’t really have to sell the ModMed platform. It’s easy to navigate. It’s very user friendly. But I think for me, being on multiple EHR systems in the past, it’s really been the support of the team and the ease of getting that support when you need it.


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