Benefits of Switching to All-In-One Orthopedic Software

Benefits of Switching to All-In-One Orthopedic Software

Modern Orthopaedics of New Jersey Switches to All-In-One Orthopedic Software and Saves Time Daily. For more information visit

Here is a full transcription of the video:

My name is Jennifer Van Beekum and I’m the Director of Operations at Modern Orthopedics of New Jersey. We are a hand-to-shoulder upper extremity practice. We were with our old EMR company for about 10 years. There was nothing in it that we saw positive growth. It just became very stagnant and very tedious and onerous. We said, we just need a change.

I absolutely love that ModMed is orthopedic specific. It’s definitely helped us, and more so the doctors just being able to push a button and then it can pull up their assessment and protocol. If you’re looking for EMA to save you time or streamline processes, this is definitely the EMR for you. Absolutely 100%.

We have been able to streamline, not only front desk processes from the way that we put things in and the kiosk and all of that, to then the doctor saving time on their notes. We’ve definitely saved at least minutes off of each patient per day. We are super excited that we switched to ModMed and couldn’t be happier.

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