The Eye and Laser Center: How EHR Analytics Has Helped Transform The Practice

The Eye and Laser Center: How EHR Analytics Has Helped Transform The Practice

Noah England, Practice Administrator at The Eye and Laser Center shares how Modernizing Medicine’s Analytics have helped transform their ophthalmology practice. To learn more about Analytics, visit:

Here is a full transcription of the video:
Analytics is just an absolute dream come true. I use Analytics several times a day. I look at production summaries; I look at patient demographics; and I have information that I dump into spreadsheets that I give out to my leaders and say, ‘here’s where you stand,’ ‘here’s what it costs per patient, per staff member,’ and ‘here’s what it costs per patient, per doctor.’ As far as costing goes, it is so phenomenal.

The fact that I can just right click and dump ophthalmology EHR data right to a spreadsheet and not have to transfer data or copy data twice—it’s phenomenal. And then the other thing is, doctors are always asking you, like in a partner meeting, the doctors will say, “Well I don’t know how many VSP exams that I did last month.” Okay. Well give me five seconds, and here you go. It’s right there. Right in the meeting they ask any question, and I can just show them right there. It just completely blows them away because that was usually like a two week process of somebody going back to calculate it all by hand and coming back to the next meeting. Now I can just answer the questions. Modernizing Medicine is really an EKG on the practice because of what it does. It makes sure that there’s a strong heartbeat.

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