Meet Dr. Holzworth & learn about our podiatry-specific EHR, EMA®

Meet Dr. Holzworth & learn about our podiatry-specific EHR, EMA®

Meet Modernizing Medicine®’s Podiatry Team Lead, Dr. Holzworth & learn about our podiatry-specific software solutions and EHR, EMA®. To learn more, visit

Here is a full transcription of the video:

I certainly have a very unique perspective of how EMA has been utilized in my practice. I’ve been using it for over five and a half years and it has been a great tool to document the multiple cases that I see in my office. I am part of an orthopedic group, so I am able to see patients who are seniors and are trying to stay young and active to some trauma cases of foot and ankle.

So the way that I view EMA is not just a medical record product or a tool, it’s an actual solution for the physicians that are really struggling, trying to find a way to sustain the medical demands of documentation at the same time that are trying to keep up with a heavy patient volume in their office.

The biggest differentiator between EMA and the way that a practitioner documents with EMA is the fact that you can customize it to document whichever way you feel is best for that case. So if a user is accustomed to dictate a visit, there is the ability to do that. If the user is accustomed to create protocols or little standards on how they like their notes to follow. They can customize it and do it that way. So EMA allows you to document in multiple different ways.

I absolutely love the camera feature. I use it for pre- and post- op clinical pictures. I use it when I document DMEs as I am dispensing the DME or I’m documenting a biomechanical exam, a gait exam. I love that I can also take pictures of my wounds and document the dermatological conditions that come in podiatry.

The implementation process was surprisingly simple. A lot of the automation that already exists in EMA completely saves us an incredible amount of time, so you don’t have to manually do so much work to transition from one thing to another. The system was able to automate that for our office. So that transition was a lot more efficient than I ever thought it would be.

This is a change that you want to do it once and you want to do it right. It’s really going to enhance how you manage your daily clinic. So it’s a big decision. I understand, but it’s worth it.

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