A special invitation to MOMENTUM from ModMed’s Dr. John V. Guiliana

A special invitation to MOMENTUM from ModMed’s Dr. John V. Guiliana

ModMed’s Director of Podiatry, John V. Guiliana, DPM, MS, invites you to attend MOMENTUM, our premiere users conference, Nov. 19-21 in Orlando. For more information, visit momentum.modmed.com/welcome-new

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Hello, everyone, John Guiliana here. Many of you remember that I’m one of the previous owners of the Electronic health record TRAKnet, but I’m now proud to serve as a medical director for podiatry for Modernizing Medicine, the company that recently acquired TRAKnet. I’d like to take a moment of your time today to personally invite you to our user conference taking place in beautiful Orlando, Florida, this coming November. The conference is known as Momentum. Momentum is filled with great discussions, great workshops, roundtable discussions and collaboration with your colleagues, along with fantastic evening events. It’s your chance to really understand best practices and how to streamline your practice and network with your colleagues.

Momentum is all about moving forward in this ever-changing environment that we practice. It’s giving you the opportunity to really use the tools that we’re going to provide you with to unleash your potential for success. Now, we’re really excited to bring you this conference in person, but please keep in mind that your safety is our number one priority. So we’re going to be monitoring the COVID cases here in Florida very carefully, and we’re going to act according to guidance and protocol. Hotel rooms are filling up fast, so use the link that you see on your screen now and register if you haven’t done so already. I look forward to seeing you at this fantastic event in November. Thank you.

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