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Young Professionals Bring Fresh Talent to Region’s Skilled Workforce

Talented young professionals like Busra Demirci are finding an appealing live-work-play lifestyle in Palm Beach County. “Working here is one of the most rewarding experiences due to the growing Silicon Beach trend,” said Demirci, a user experience designer at Modernizing Medicine in Boca Raton. “The tech community not only provides a wide array of opportunities, but also a tight-knit group of professionals- all just a short stroll away from our beautiful beaches and Atlantic shores.”

Her colleague Marlow Charite, a mobile software engineer and Palm Beach County native, agrees completely. “The diversity here is amazing,” he said. “It’s easy to come into contact with people from all walks for life. Now, I’m living my dream of writing software for a living right here where I consider home.”

In the information technology, financial services, healthcare and other professional occupations, the Millennial generation is entering Palm Beach County’s workforce with excitement and enthusiasm. “They are the future,” said John Duffy, CEO, 3CInteractive, a mobile marketing company in Boca Raton.” As a team, we spend a great deal of time helping them be successful. I believe that creating competencies is one of the keys to a happy and engaged workforce. While compensation, job security and the physical environment are important, the ability to learn, to perform quality work and to be recognized for success are even  more important for workers of all ages.”

That entrepreneurial spirit is paying off, judging from recent comments from 3Cinteractive’s Millennial workers. ” I joined 3C because of its exciting and progressive environment with a strong, positive culture,” said one employee. Another added, “I was attracted to the family-focused environment and opportunity to do exciting work for some great clients.”

For today’s young professionals, a sense of corporate purpose, financial security, and a healthy internal culture are power motivators, according to Daniel Cane, CEO, Modernizing Medicine. “Millennials feel they can work anywhere they choose,” he said. “They are attracted to companies that serve a larger purpose and have a culture of caring. In other words, they want an employer who is doing well by doing good.”

Within the workplace, Millennials like open layouts, collaborative spaces, a lounge for “downtime” and a creative approach to artwork, furnishings and accessories. “The open concept significantly energizes the dynamic of the entire office,” said Keith Spina, CEO, GliddenSpina+Partners. “It not only fosters collaboration and improves communication, it elevates the team atmosphere and for us that is a win.”

Today’s professionals also appreciate a flexible work environment in an urban location, according to Rick Gonzalez, president, REG Architects in West Palm Beach. “Millennials want to be in downtown areas with a sense of character,” he said. “They want to be able to walk to shops, restaurants and outdoor events. They also enjoy beaches, parks and other natural settings. With all that Palm Beach County has to offer, I think we are all well positioned to attract Millennials in the next few years.”

By: Business Development Board on in News