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Pathology Labs

If you read your pathology slides in-house and are interested in adding Modernizing Medicine’s® Pathology solution, click here.

EMA also works with pathology labs nationwide to connect lab results with EMA patient records.

Pathology labs can click here to initiate integration for specific clinician accounts.

To connect with a lab:

Please ask your representative at the lab to initiate an EMA lab interface for your practice. The lab will follow the specific internal process they’ve set up with Modernizing Medicine for establishing new connections. Once the interface is approved, it will be sent to our engineering team. If you have questions, please email

Can’t find your lab? click here.

Standard Interfaces

When you use EMA with any one of these Modernizing Medicine lab partners, you can send orders directly to your lab, receive electronic results and printable PDFs of results, eliminate times spent filling out forms and drastically reduce the margin for human error.
  • Acupath Inc. Dba Pathology Associates of Indian River
  • Acupath Laboratories Inc.
  • Alabama Pathology Associates
  • Alliance Health Sciences
  • American Esoteric Laboratories (AEL)
  • Ameripath
  • Annapath, Inc.
  • Arkansas Dermatopathology
  • Associated Pathologists dba PathGroup
  • Associated Pathology Medical Group (APMG)
  • Atlantic Pathology Group, PA
  • Aurora Diagnostics
  • AW Dermatopathology Services
  • Ball DermPath
  • Benchmark Diagnostics, LLC
  • CarePath DX
  • Cayuga Medical Center Laboratory
  • CBLPath
  • Celligent Diagnostics, LLC
  • CellNetix
  • Centra Health
  • Cleveland Skin Pathology Laboratory Inc.
  • Clin-Path Associates
  • Clinical Laboratories of Hawaii, LLP
  • Clinical Pathology Associates – CPA
  • Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Inc. (CPL)
  • Coastal Carolina Pathology
  • Cockerell Dermatopathology
  • Cole Diagnostics
  • Columbia University | The Physicians & Surgeons of Columbia University
  • Compass Dermatopathology
  • Consolidated Pathology Consultants (CPC)
  • CTA Labs – Curtis Thomas, MD & Associates
  • Cutaneous Pathology, PA