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Physicians across the country are relying on EMA to turn busy clinical
operations into serious opportunities for improved outcomes.

From faster, touch-screen exam documentation and billing, to patient
information and networked treatment data available virtually anywhere through the cloud, to attesting for Meaningful Use, physicians are testifying to the benefits
of EMA.

  • Tara Salsman on the Benefits of EMA™ for Orthopedics


    Hear from Tara Salsman, Office Manager at Illinois Valley Orthopedics on the benefits of EMA™ for Orthopedics.

    Audley Mackel, MD, on the impact of EMA Orthopedics


    Dr. Audley Mackel, a Cleveland, Ohio-based orthopedic surgeon at Associates in Orthopaedics, Inc., knew exactly what he wanted out of an electronic medical record (EMR) system. Dr. Mackel has been practicing for over 25 years and has experienced numerous EMR systems that lacked the functionality and medical knowledge he required to improve his clinical operations.

  • Lawrence LemakUSE (1)
    When we elected to move to EMA, we started experiencing the benefits almost immediately. Shortly after go live, we were able to increase efficiency while rationalizing overall labor expense. Lawrence Lemak, MD, Lemak Sports Medicine & Orthopedics Download the Case Study
    Not only is EMA an efficient system but it has helped us be more comprehensive with our billing and substantiating E&M codes that we submit. Because EMA is so intuitive, I rely on the coding it automatically generates to make sure I capture all of the charges necessary, and I have the thorough documentation to back it up. Spencer Schuenman, MD, Granite Orthopaedics Download the Case Study
    Modernizing Medicine understands billing and orthopedics, so I feel confident that our billing is in good hands. Having RCM combined with EMA has streamlined our clinical and billing processes, enhancing our workflow without sacrificing time. Stephanie Martin, MD, Performance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Download the Case Study
    photo (2)
    Of all the EHR systems I saw, EMA had what I needed. I like how EMA is intuitive because it’s developed by orthopedic surgeons for orthopedic surgeons. The knowledge is already included without setting up macros or templates. Audley Mackel, MD, Associates in Orthopaedics, Inc. Download the Case Study
    Daniel Stein
    I’m able to document my notes in real time so when I leave the exam room, my notes are complete and I’m ready for the next patient. Productivity has definitely increased in the sense that I can get out of office sooner because I’m more efficient throughout my day. Daniel T. Stein, MD, Coastline Orthopedic Associates Download the Case Study
    Steven Gorin
    The training for EMA was very straightforward and quick compared to my previous EHR systems. It only took a couple days for my staff to understand and learn the system. We began seeing a few new patients every day with EMA and were fully live within a few weeks. Steven Gorin D.O., M.S.Ed., Institute of Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics Download the Case Study

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