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Tips to Turn Down Stress and Turn Up Collaboration at Your Practice

Susan Childs, FACMPE, Founder, Evolution Healthcare Consulting


Susan Childs, FACMPE
Founder, Evolution Healthcare Consulting

This webinar was recorded November 8, 2023.

Our coworkers see the good, the bad and the extraordinary in each of us — like family — and we often have to resolve thorny issues to move forward.

In this webinar, physicians and admins who lead practices can learn to deploy their emotional intelligence to help staff avoid conflict, control stress, communicate better and collaborate more.

Focusing on wellness, the webinar is led by Susan Childs, who draws from 30 years of experience helping medical practices develop high-performance teams.


  • How to build a code of conduct for working together
  • Methods to communicate ideas more persuasively
  • Simple techniques to manage stress — like breathing
  • Ways to avoid obvious and not-so-obvious burnout
  • How technology drives collaboration across the practice