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From Check-In to Checkout: ModMed® OBGYN + Aesthetics

ModMed OBGYN offers tools and built-in aesthetics content to help streamline the entire patient visit – from appointment scheduling to long after checkout.

Here is the full transcript of the video:

ModMed OBGYN offers tools to help streamline the entire patient visit – from before their appointment is scheduled, to long after they’ve checked out. And with our built-in aesthetics content, documenting consultations and procedures has never been smoother.

Free up your staff and let patients book their own medical or aesthetics appointments using our Patient Self-Scheduling tool, powered by Klara. 

The user-friendly interface allows patients to select the service they need, search by date and physician availability, and schedule their appointments in just a few clicks. 

Once their appointments are booked, patients can reach out to your team via text, using the two-way messaging tool in Klara. This helps keep communication flowing between practice and patient, while helping to lower call volume and streamline office flow. 

You can also set up automated customizable or templated messages for your patients, such as appointment reminders or follow-up instructions. Patients receive the messages via text, and all back-and-forth communication is saved directly in the Klara patient messaging thread attached to the patient’s record.

Up to 24 hours before their appointments, patients can receive an automated text message with a link to check themselves in. During the self check-in process, they can sign consent forms, fill in demographic information, and add their preferred pharmacy – all from the comfort of their own homes.

Ready to document a patient visit? Under the Special Plans tab, you’ll find content specifically for aesthetic appointments and procedures. Plus, our Adaptive Learning Engine is programmed to remember each user’s most common diagnoses and treatment plans, to help make it easier for you to find what you need in as little as a few clicks. 

Need to have your patient sign a consent form while they’re in the exam room? No problem. Simply select the pre-saved form in the PDF Manager and have the patient sign directly on the iPad. The finalized PDF is saved as an attachment in the patient record. 

Draw directly onto the built-in images in ModMed OBGYN to help educate your  patient and to visually document your aesthetic procedures. The saved image will now be attached to the patient’s chart.

In the Follow Up tab, add instructions for their next appointment by specifying when they should return and the reason for follow-up. Now your front office team has the information they need to schedule the appointment before the patient leaves your office.

When they arrive for their follow-up, simply pull up the documentation, drawings or photos from past visits in the Virtual Exam Room. Now you’re ready to add new findings, images or procedure notes taken during the follow-up appointment.

Once the doctor documents the visit, the system generates a bill that can be ready at checkout. If any products have been used during the visit, our Inventory Management system will deduct them from stock, helping you keep your inventory levels up-to-date.

From the checkout page, you can also generate a quote with estimated costs for future treatments or services. Share this customizable quote with your patient by printing it, uploading it to the Patient Portal, or texting it directly to the patient via the Klara patient messaging thread.

If the doctor provided instructions for follow-up, these will appear in the After-care tab. Without leaving the checkout screen, you can use our Appointment Finder tool to view availability and schedule your patient's next appointment before they check out.

Search availability for the physician as well as any resources you may need for the appointment, such as specific rooms or equipment. Once it’s booked and added to the physician’s schedule, the system can reserve the resources you specified, and send the patient an appointment confirmation text.

Our Analytics platform offers robust reporting options designed to help you keep track of your practice, follow up with patients, and so much more. 

With our Advanced Clinical Targeting report, you can generate a downloadable list of patients who came in for a consultation but haven’t returned for a treatment or procedure recommended by one of your providers. Using Klara, send a message to the patients on this list and invite them to come back for the recommended treatment.

Want to better track inventory in your practice? With our Inventory Management Reporting feature, you can generate a report of the products you’ve sold, filtered by date, practice location, provider or patient.

Learn more about how the built-in tools and aesthetics content in ModMed OBGYN can help you offer a smoother, more streamlined experience for your patients and staff.