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Waring Vision Institute Modernizes Practice Management and Financials with ModMed® BOOST

Learn how daily operations at Waring Vision Institute have been streamlined with ModMed’s Practice Management system. For more information, visit

Here is a full transcription of the video:

My name is Allison McKeown. I’m the director of operations for Waring Vision Institute in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. We chose to have the all in one solution because it was very, very, very confusing having to talk to a separate PM and then a separate billing. So we were able to bring it all under one roof, allowed me to be in touch with one person. And she’s been wonderful. Boost has impacted my daily operations. I trust they’re doing their job. So I in turn can then do my job with the day to day activities in the office and not just having to focus on the financials, and making sure scheduling is being done in the PM, and so forth, it’s working seamlessly. Trust in general for me is big, especially dealing with the financials and not necessarily being a biller myself, but being able to say,” OK, Boost team, you know what you’re doing. I don’t necessarily know at all, but you do. And I’m very thankful that she can be honest with me and I can be honest with her. And that relationship is more like friends, not just a random person and me. So that for me is very, very, very important. The trust factor, especially and the camaraderie that we can have and I can call her and talk about anything if I need to.