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How to Use the Urology Patient Timeline

Learn how to use the patient timeline to gather a quick view of the patient’s history on a single screen.

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Here is a full transcript of the video: 

The Patient Timeline is another important and powerful tool that we offer at ModMed, because it allows you to see what's happened to a patient over time. You can also use it to start your documentation. If I am looking here, I see a couple lab values that I want. Or maybe I want to include all of those lab values. I simply add to the visit note and I can see in the visit overview the things that I've imported. If there are certain things I decide to remove, I can remove them easily from this screen. And now, you'll see in the actual visit note, everything that I’ve selected in a bullet format to provide a nice summary of what has gone on with this patient in a notable clinical history, which can help bring us up to speed and improve our documentation.