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Documenting a Urology Visit

Watch as we document a visit in as little as 45 seconds, using our urology EHR.

Here is a full transcript of the video:

I'm Dr. Eric Tygenhof, Urology Team Lead, and I'm going to take you through documenting a visit and some of the efficiencies that ModMed Urology provides to the practicing urologist.

What we're seeing here is the creation of a note and then the documentation of the chief complaint and HPI. And you can see that all of this is available with simple clicks, pre-populated, and you can very quickly generate a significant and accurate chief complaint and medical history, with just a few clicks, we can then go ahead and add a full comprehensive medical exam - again, with just a couple of simple clicks. And finally, the best part of documenting these visits is the addition of protocols, which allows you to take a large volume of work that's standardized across similar visits and apply it to these visits, so that you are really quickly and efficiently documenting all of the patient's information and plan. With just a couple of simple clicks, I added there a medication prescription, and in that 45 seconds or so, we have a fully documented note, plus the MIPS that was built into the protocol. So, we've documented that the patient has urinary incontinence and that we've documented a plan. And then finally here, we can create our followup for the visit. And with that, the entire visit has been created from start to finish. And it's well documented.