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Streamlining Patient Payment Processing With ModMed® Pay

One medical practice implements an Integrated Patient Payment Processing Platform and Offers Convenient Patient Payment Solution​s. 

Here is a full transcription of the video:

My name is Bill Hyland. I’m CEO of Cirillo Institute. Our prior solutions, you know, you always had to get a lot of information and especially always needed the zip code. With ModMed Pay, it’s much easier. You don’t need the zip code. It’s a much easier transaction. It was at least twice as fast from my perspective, doing it with ModMed Pay.

So, there’s many ways for patients to pay and the online bill pay is the most important thing for our medical derm practice. That quick pay solution is tremendous. The ability to pay to do it through the patient portal is something that is not offered by the other third party solutions. So that’s a tremendous benefit as well, especially as more and more patients are using the patient portal with telehealth.

Now with COVID, the fact that the patient doesn’t have to really touch the device, they’re just holding their card, is nice. Feedback from our patients so far has been strong. So I highly recommend ModMed Pay.