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Simplify Patient Payments with ModMed® Pay

Offer the convenience of digital and contactless patient payments, payment plans and more with ModMed® Pay.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Today’s patients are used to paying bills online and using their mobile phone to send payments to friends and family. With ModMed Pay, practices can offer their patients the same kind of convenience.

ModMed Pay can help you meet the expectations of the modern patient and improve their experience by offering them multiple payment options, including contactless payments, an online payment page, “card on file” billing, text message reminders on balances and much more.

Our solution can also help your practice streamline the way it inputs and tracks patient payments, removing manual steps to help you to reduce the time and effort required to collect payment.

Here’s how it works: When patients arrive at the office for their appointment and check in with the patient Kiosk app, they can be invited to pay their copay or outstanding balance during the check-in process.

Patients may also choose to save a “card on file” to simplify future payments. This can be completed by office staff with the patient’s permission through the Practice Management system, or patients can self-service through Kiosk, Patient Portal or the APPatient™ mobile app. Have the peace of mind knowing that credit card information is never stored locally on your iPad or computers.

For registered patients, the APPatient mobile app allows them to check in to their appointments before they even step into the office, up to twenty-four hours in advance. During the check-in process, patients can be invited to pay their copay prior to the visit and can also use the app to view and pay their outstanding balance.

After a visit, patients can be sent an SMS message informing them of their balance, and can tap the link to make a quick online payment.

In addition to the ease of use ModMed Pay offers patients, our payment processing solution helps practices streamline the collection process with autopay and payment plans.

Autopay helps practices collect remaining balances after insurance has fully processed a claim, reducing the time and effort required by office staff. ModMed Pay will automatically charge the saved credit card and patients will receive an email notification when the payment is processed.

Payment plans help practices support their patients by offering the ability to configure and have ModMed Pay automatically process installment payments per agreements that practices enter into with patients.

ModMed Pay also supports the standard payment features practices would expect, including in-person payments with a modern terminal, manual entry for front office staff and billing departments, Patient Portal and our QuickPay which allows simple online payments from the practice’s website.

ModMed Pay uniquely allows practices to automatically allocate and post payments to the line item in Practice Management reducing manual processes by staff.

Through the dashboard in Practice Management, ModMed Pay gives practices insight into their financial and accounting flows and allows staff to search for transactions and bank deposit information, simplifying reconciliation, as well as merchant statements and 1099-K documentation.

It’s about time to change healthcare for the better with a payment solution that offers simplicity. By bringing together patients, providers and financial institutions with one solution, practices can get back to focusing on patients, not their payments.

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