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Frequently Asked Questions

  • EMA™ Questions

    • What is Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA)?

      Modernizing Medicine's Electronic Medical Assistant is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software application that is designed to save physicians time as they collect patient information, record the diagnosis, order tests and prescriptions and prepare billing information. Think of it as an intelligent scribe with a deep knowledge of medicine that automates all your documentation, adapts to your style of practice and only shows you what you need to see to treat your patient.
    • Isn’t EMA the same as a Practice Management (PM) System?

      Not at all! A Practice Management System (PMS) is designed to save STAFF time at a practice by automating their tasks. It requires input from the physician to collect data, and that often adds time and effort to the physician's daily tasks. Modernizing Medicine's Electronic Medical Assistant is an EMR designed to save the PHYSICIAN time by focusing on his or her tasks in the exam room. EMA is able to interface with any PMS to share patient data.
    • How is EMA different from over 300 EMRs out there?

      EMA saves physician’s time. Some doctors using our touch-based EMR system can write notes in 60 to 90 seconds. This efficiency can add up to an hour a day of time saved and, as you know, time is money.
      EMA is virtually keyboardless. You don't need to type fast to document fast. Doctors can write most of their notes with a touch-screen or mouse. EMA automates documentation. Prescriptions, billing sheets, pathology requisitions, lab orders, and consent forms are simultaneously generated at the time the note is completed.
      EMA adapts to each physician's style of practice. When it comes to EMR, one size doesn’t fit all. EMA learns the way you practice, not the other way around. As you use the system, EMA will remember your preferences for exam descriptions, procedures, prescriptions, and adjust to show the diagnosis and treatments that each physician uses most. EMA knows medicine. We don't expect you to take a week off of work to program templates or macros. EMA doesn't use them. EMA has domain knowledge of hundreds of diagnoses. For any given diagnosis, EMA can describe the lesions and offer you an array of possible plans which can range from counseling, prescriptions and lab ordering, to surgical or cosmetic procedures.
    • I don’t have a Practice Management System. Do I need one?

      You can install EMA and gain its time saving, electronic medical record keeping and documentation benefits without a PMS. However, if you want to have full support for your administrative staff with complex intake, scheduling and e-billing, you will need to add a PMS. EMA works best with modmed PM, but it is also compatible with over 400 other PM systems.
    • What do I do with all my old paper patient records?

      You can use EMA to record information from now on, and refer to the paper records as needed, or you can have the paper records scanned and attach the scanned files to the EMA patient records. Most physicians will choose the first alternative and gradually phase over to electronic records as time passes, but the choice is up to you.
    • Is a Software-as-a-Service offering as secure as an on-site system?

      Yes! In fact, it is more secure. Consider what an onsite system entails. You must purchase, install, maintain and upgrade complex hardware and software. You must manage security, intrusion protection, and spam and virus control. You need to consider physical security, air conditioning and power interruption. That involves back-up systems, office procedures and audit trails, among other things. All of those things can impact the security of an onsite system.

      A SaaS EMR system, on the other hand, manages all of that for you. The Modernizing Medicine servers run in an environment managed by a large team of skilled professionals whose job is to maintain the security and high availability of the systems. Data is backed up by the data center staff and you do not need to back up the data in your office.
    • What about the Internet connection – isn’t that a weak point?

      A single Internet connection is a potential weak point and that is why we recommend you install two connections from different companies, one as the primary and the other as a back-up.

      From another point of view, the Internet connection is a very strong security feature. If, for any reason, your office is not usable—due to a fire, for example—you can log on to your EMA system from almost any Internet connected PC or Mac and continue from there, with no loss of connection and no loss of data. That means you could move to another office and see patients with full EMA support, in a short time, with little technical effort.
    • What happens if medical knowledge changes?

      EMA has a database of built-in medical knowledge that is periodically updated and modified to reflect changes to that medical knowledge. Since the knowledge base is centralized, all of our clients benefit.
    • How difficult is the technical job of installing EMA?

      You don't have to be a computer professional to install EMA. In fact, if you already have a computer network with machines with Internet connectivity, you may not have any technical work at all. If you have no equipment onsite, or want to expand your network to new locations (and you are technically savvy enough to buy and install a simple computer network), you can do it yourself. However, if your plans include a more extensive system, including network wiring, you probably will want to use an IT technical service to assist with the installation.
    • Do I need special equipment for EMA?

      Generally, no. If you already have one or more PC or Mac computers with Internet access that were purchased in the last 2-3 years you probably can use them. If you have older machines, or none, or if you want to expand your network, you will need to purchase new equipment, but standard mid-powered personal computers should meet all the specifications. Of course, you can also add iPads or laptops for fully flexible exam room use.
  • Stimulus Questions

    • How do I receive stimulus money for using an EMR in my practice?

      The U.S. federal government provides incentive payments to certain eligible professionals using a fully certified EMR so long as such professionals meet certain specified criteria. Click here to visit the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website for a description of these programs.
    • What is Meaningful Use? How long do I have to be a meaningful user before I qualify?

      "Meaningful Use" refers to the criteria established by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that providers are required to meet in order to be eligible for incentive payments under the Medicare and Medicaid EMR Incentive Programs. A description of meaningful use, including the criteria necessary to achieve meaningful use, has been made available by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
    • How do I register?

      Follow this link to register: For more information, CMS has provided this handy Registration Guide.
    • Will I receive training on Meaningful Use from Modernizing Medicine?

      Yes. In our online Client Support Center, you will have access to a suite of materials and videos related to achieving meaningful use.
    • How much money will I receive if I attest for this year?

      The answer depends on the first year that you register for Meaningful Use. Please click here to refer to the charts provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
    • EMA is unavailable for my specialty. When can I expect an EMA solution for my practice?

      As a leading provider of EMR solutions, we are continually launching our Electronic Medical Assistant to new specialties. When will we have a solution for your practice? Give us a call to find out, 866-799-2146 or send us an email.