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modmed Telehealth

A familiar face for them. A new source of revenue for you.

By 2021, telemedicine will be a nearly $70 billion market.

Will your practice be part of this extraordinary growth?

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Deliver quality virtual care. Add real-world value.

With Modernizing Medicine’s® new modmed Telehealth app, patients who can’t make it in for everyday issues can now seek your medical advice and diagnosis remotely through their mobile devices. They can even send photos to go along with their medical concerns.

For patients, this can mean receiving high-quality care from their trusted doctor while saving a time-consuming trip to your office. For you, modmed Telehealth can mean getting paid to treat more patients without adding to your office caseload or trying to practice dermatology via text messages and emails. Plus, you can do so at a time that works for you.

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modmed Telehealth

Designed for modmed Dermatology users.

Using our innovative store-and-forward telemedicine platform, dermatologists can provide patients with treatment, diagnosis and advice in mild cases where a virtual visit is appropriate.

Let’s face it. You already take their calls at all hours of the day, usually without any supporting visuals to help you diagnose. With modmed Telehealth, you can get paid for your time and provide richer patient engagement.

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modmed Telehealth allows you to:

  • Save time – address routine dermatology issues fast and when you’re ready
  • Add a new revenue stream – extend your reach to patients with geographic or time constraints
  • Make the most of no-shows – if a patient misses an appointment, treat another while you wait
  • Save all data in one place – all  visit records are automatically added to EMA™
  • Quickly access records virtually anywhere, anytime – cloud-based technology allows easy access to patient records
  • Get up and running quickly – since it’s integrated with EMA, there’s little learning curve

The Unsocial Network

It’s easy to join this growing industry, but be careful of telemedicine networks. Many of them can potentially require you to treat patients you’ve never seen before or assign your patients to other doctors.

Ditch the Network

Modernizing Medicine isn’t part of a network, so you can focus on treating your own patients. And unlike live video conferencing telemedicine solutions, which can take away from the time you spend seeing patients in person, modmed Telehealth lets you treat patients at a time that works for you. After all, they’re your patients, and it’s your time. Keep both.

Preserve Quality of Care

When you already have an established relationship with your patient, you can deliver a higher-quality virtual experience. Moreover, having an offline relationship makes it easy to escalate a telemedicine encounter to an in-person visit if necessary, since not all clinical scenarios can be solved through telemedicine.

Modernizing Medicine is a President’s Circle Member of the American Telemedicine Association.

Be part of the future of healthcare.

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